Jeon Somi’s future was accurately predicted by a fortune teller?

Singer Jeon Somi, who recently made her highly-anticipated comeback, recalled a past experience with fortune telling. 

On August 8th, Jeon Somi appeared on Jo Hyun Ah’s YouTube channel, “Every day is Thursday Night”, as a guest. Here, the idol actively promoted her new album “Game Plan” and titled track “Fast Forward”, which was released on August 7th. 

jeon somi

During the show, Somi mentioned the time when she was looking for a company after leaving JYP Entertainment in 2019. According to the female idol, she experienced a surprising episode with a fortune teller before joining her current agency, The Black Label. 

In particular, Jeon Somi said, “Before looking for the company, I went to a fortune teller. I like those things”, adding, “The fortune teller said that the company I will join is neither a Korean company or foreign company..  They knew that the description is not straightforward but suggested something in between the two would fit me.”

In the end, Somi joined The Black Label, which to her, is “truly like in between typical Korean company and foreign company”. 

“I was surprised so I came in to this company right away”, Somi confessed. 

Source: VKR, YouTube

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