Video of Hyeri going down the stairs while wearing a long tight dress at an award ceremony spreads online

Fans are re-examing the video capturing singer-actress Hyeri at an award ceremony last year.

Recently, Hyeri’s moment on the red carpet event of the 2022 KBS Drama Awards was brought up on various SNS sites and online communities, such as PickCON.

In the video, Hyeri stole the attention as she appeared with long straight hair and wearing an off-shoulder long strap dress.


The tight pink dress worn by Hyeri covered her ankles, making it difficult for the actress to go up the stairs. As a result, Jeon Hyun Moo and Jung Yong Hwa had to support her on both sides.

Finding it hard to walk the stairs step by step, Hyeri created a special way to when down the stairs after the photo time.


She held onto the arms of Jeon Hyun Moo and Jung Yong Hwa on both sides tightly and jumped down the stairs.

In response to the scene, Internet users commented, “How could she go up the stairs in that dress?”, “She couldn’t even walk. Why did she wear such a dress?”, “It’s like a mermaid dress”, etc.

Meanwhile, Hyeri is appearing in ENA’s program “HMLYCP”. This variety show tells the busy life of Hyeri, Miyeon, Lee Jung, Choi Ye Na, Kim Chae Won, and Patricia Yiombi struggling to settle comfortably in a remote mountain village. It airs every Sunday at 7:50 p.m.

Source: Insight

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