Most hated mistress on “Doctor Cha” once turned down the offer to star in hit historical drama “Dae Jang Geum”, flaunts an ageless visual while pushing 50 

Choi Seung Hi is drawing attention on “Doctor Cha” as a despicable mistress. 

The medical drama series “Doctor Cha” is on its way to be a drama hit by whipping up sensations with new episodes. In the latest development, Choi Seung Hi (Myung Se Bin) decided to crash the surprise birthday party intended for Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa). Seung Hi is known to be Seo In Ho’s (Kim Byung Chul) mistress. They have been having an affair for years. Fans are eager for a confrontation between Jung Sook and Seung Hi. They anticipate that the following episode will be the moment when Jung Sook decides to leave her husband.

Choi Seung Hi is a professor at the Gusan University Hospital. She was also In Ho’s first love. They were friends back in college and maintained a close relationship even when In Ho got married. The two have a daughter together. This relationship became more complicated when Cha Jung Sook resumed her career as a medical resident at Gusan hospital. She quickly learned of her husband’s relationship with Seung Hi. While Jung Sook was in a state of shock, Seung Hi was unashamed of the present situation.


The actress behind Choi Seung Hi is Myung Se Bin. She was born in 1975 and joined the entertainment industry in 1999. Her first role was in KBS’ “Purity”. However, it was with “Into the Sun”, in which the actress co-starred with Kwon Sang Woo, that she gained more visibility and recognition.

In the past, she once received an offer to be the female lead in the hit period drama “Dae Jang Geum”. However, the actress declined the offer for unknown reasons. The chance was passed on to Lee Young Ae.

Despite nearing her 50s, Myung Se Bin boasts an ageless beauty. With “Doctor Cha”, the actress has another chance to shine and bring her career to a new height.

Let’s look forward to future performances from Myung Se Bin!

Source: K14 

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