Lee Sun-kyun’s mortuary is quiet with strict security “‘Killing Romance’ director came”

The late Lee Sun-kyun’s mortuary, set up at Seoul National University Hospital in Jongno-gu, Seoul, appears quiet. Although reporters gathered at the site after the confirmation of the actor’s death, entry was not possible due to strict security.

There were not many noticeable mourners, given the sudden nature of the news. Director Lee Won-suk of the movie “Killing Romance” came to the mortuary.

lee sun kyun

Meanwhile, the late actor’s coffin will be borne at midnight on Dec 29th, and the burial will take place in Seonyeong, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do. Lee Sun-kyun’s wife, Jeon Hye-jin, and his brothers were named in the list of chief mourners.

Around 10:00 AM on Dec 27th, Lee Sun-kyun was found dead in a park in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Recently, he underwent three rounds of police investigation on charges related to marijuana and psychotropic drugs under the Narcotics Control Act.

Lee Sun-kyun’s agency stated, “The funeral of Lee Sun-kyun will be held quietly with the attendance of the bereaved family and colleagues.

Source: Nate

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