Seo Ji Soo Works as a Factory Worker After Lovelyz’s Disbandment

Seo Ji Soo's story is trending as the top search on Weibo

The girl group Lovelyz from Woollim disbanded in 2021, after which Seo Ji Soo announced her transition to acting, also participating in several films. Besides that, Seo Ji Soo has also worked in clothing sales and as a factory worker. Recently, she has also attracted attention by trying her hand at streaming.

seo ji soo

Regarding this, Seo Ji Soo stated that compared to just stopping and doing nothing, she prefers working in factories or shops. She challenges herself with various tasks, determined in everything she does. Although it’s painful and exhausting, it’s all the same.

Seo Ji Soo’s story is currently the number 1 hot search on Weibo (entertainment chart).

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