Should Hyeri continue to star in historical dramas after “Moonshine”? 

Some viewers have been questioning Hyeri’s suitability for historical dramas. 

At the end of 2021, Hyeri, who is best known for playing Duk Sun in Reply 1988, made a small screen comeback in KBS2’s Moonshine. This is also Hyeri’s first appearance in a drama with a historical setting ever since she started acting. Since Moonshine’s first broadcast, Hyeri has come under mixed reviews as some viewers claim she does not suit the historical styling. Her character’s no-bangs pulled back hairstyle in the drama is also said to make Hyeri look less pretty than usual. 

Hyeri Moonshine

After watching Moonshine that ended after 16 episodes on February 22, some viewers believe Hyeri should not accept more historical drama roles in the future. This is because her visuals and acting style suit dramas with modern settings more, especially those with youthful vibes.

Hyeri Moonshine
Hyeri’s styling in her first historical drama draws mixed reactions 
Hyeri Moonshine
The public is more used to seeing Hyeri with bangs than a pulled back hairstyle like this 
Hyeri Moonshine
A modern styling looks better on her 

Similar to other post-Reply 1988 dramas of Hyeri, Moonshine could not achieve much success both in Korea and internationally. The drama’s rating peaked at 7.6% in the 4th episode, and continued to decrease in the following episodes. The final episode recorded a rating of 5.9%, a humble figure for a drama aired on a public channel. This is also the highest rating of Moonshine throughout the second half of its broadcast. 

Hyeri Moonshine
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