Park So-dam, “Son Na-eun is delicate and careful. There are only pretty things about her”

Actress Park So-dam talked about the strengths of Son Na-eun.

The October 4th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Muzie and Ahn Young-mi’s Two O’Clock Date Radio” featured Park So-dam as a special DJ and Son Na-eun as a guest.

park so dam

A radio listener sent a message asking Park So-dam and Son Na-eun to give comments on each other’s strengths. Referring to Park So-dam, Son Na-eun laughed and said, “She’s very affectionate and thoughtful. I’ll try to think of one more”.

Park So-dam then said, “Na-eun is very calm. He was the youngest person in ‘Gaemseong Kaemping’, but she always handled everything in a calm and relaxed way. She’s also delicate and careful. There are only pretty things about her. She’s beautiful and cute. She does everything well. Our Na-eunie”, pouring out compliments.

son na eun

Upon hearing this, Son Na-eun replied, “That’s cheesy”, drawing laughter. Park So-dam laughed and said, “It’s not easy to praise the other when we are facing each other like this… So let’s just move on”.

The two actresses also mentioned Ahn Young-mi’s strengths. She said, “Young-mi unnie is also affectionate. She easily laughs and cries. She’s also funny”. Son Na-eun said, “Young-mi unnie makes me want to protect her”. Park So-dam agreed, “I also want to protect you even though you’re older than me”.

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