Thai movie accused of plagiarizing Parasite’s poster, but the truth turns out to be different 

The poster of a Thai movie is eerily similar to Parasite’s iconic poster. 

“Fast & Feel Love” is a cinematic movie from Thailand that will be released on April 30. However, the movie is drawing attention for the wrong reason, as netizens detect strong resemblances between its poster and one from the Oscar-winning Korean film “Parasite”. As a result, they believe that the similarities are too strong to be coincidental, and “Fast & Feel Love” is committing obvious plagiarism. Below are the two controversial posters: 


Some comments from netizens: 

  • The poster is “Parasite”, but the name is “Fast & Furious”. What kind of crossover is this
  • Looks like a bootleg version of “Parasite”
  • Has poster plagiarism become a thing now?
  • Is this the Thai version of “Parasite” or something?  
  • Guys calm down, this is a Thai parody movie. Taking inspiration is different from copying.

In fact, before being compared to “Parasite”, “Fast & Feel Love” already had a poster similar to “Fast & Furious”. The production claimed that it’s not copying, and has apparently reached an agreement with all related parties. 


“Fast & Feel Love” revolves around the male lead Kao (Nat Kitcharit), a world champion in speed cup stacking. Despite his popularity and prestige, Kao acts like a child who does nothing but eat, sleep, and practice, and totally relies on his girlfriend Jay (Yaya Urassaya). However, one day, Kao’s life is turned upside down after Jay breaks up with him, and he needs to learn how to function like a normal human, all while defending his championship from cunning rivals.

he movie will mark the return of actress Yaya Urassaya.
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