A series of romantic photos of Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In was revealed, Korean media wondered why they were not a couple

Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In usually posts photos of each other on their personal SNS, regardless of rumors.

Being a top star, Song Hye Kyo and her love life have always been the hot topics that attracted many people. She used to date Lee Byung Hun and Hyun Bin, got divorced from Song Joong Ki, and was involved in many dating rumors. Actor Yoo Ah In is also one of the actress’s rumored boyfriends. But is it true?

Recently, many moments of the two have been recalled in a post, and it is now on Naver’s TOP 1. Those pictures were the reasons that caused their dating rumor. However, the rumor was denied, and the 2 actors are actually no other than a couple of close sisters and brothers. Netizens were still surprised that Song Hye Kyo shared more pictures with Yoo Ah In than those with her ex-husband, Song Joong Ki.

SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
Yoo Ah In, Park Bo Gum, and Song-Song Couple used to form a famous group of friends in Kbiz. Yoo Ah In was the one who set Song Joong Ki up with Song Hye Kyo. However, after the divorce of Song-Song Couple, only Yoo Ah In remained Song Hye Kyo’s best friend.
SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
Yoo Ah In used to be a cameo in “Descendants of the Sun”.
His appearance was a gift for his best friend.
SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
They also showed off many skinship moments together.
SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
Especially, Song Hye Kyo used to check-in at Yoo Ah In’s house
SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
Yoo Ah In also came to Song Hye Kyo’s house and played with her puppy. They took the photo as if they were a family. When the photo was uploaded, netizens wondered if Song Hye Kyo was “mocking” her ex-husband.
SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In are so close to the point that they used to drive together at midnight in 2015
SongHyeKyo YooAhIn
They often send food trucks to each other’s filming sets
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