A crew leader of “Street Woman Fighter” is getting 3rd chemotherapy, in her “worst condition”

Lee Chaerin, the leader of famous dance crew “K.L.W.C”, who appeared on “Street Woman Fighter”, announced the current status of her battle with cancer.

On October 20th, Lee Chaerin posted a picture taken at the lobby of Asan Medical Center in Seoul, along with the caption, “Third chemotherapy treatment. I will come back after a week. Please understand even if I cannot contact you for a week.”

lee chaerin

Then, two hours later, the dancer wrote, “Ha, I knew this was going to happen. I was worried whether I could get cancer treatment because I was in the worst condition, but my blood test numbers all dropped, so I decided to take a week off. I’m also banned from practicing for a week. I’ll take a good rest.”

It seems that Chaerin was scheduled to receive her third chemotherapy, but she was unable to get it right due to her poor physical condition.

Previously, Lee Chaerin visited the emergency room last August due to health problems. At the time, she said, “I went to the emergency room in a hurry because I couldn’t breathe at dawn, got a lump from my neck to chest, and it hurt, and my lymph glands swelled severely and fever continued, so I kept getting fever reducer and came here.”

lee chaerin

Lee Chaerin Lee appeared as the leader of dance crew K.L.W.C in the Mnet entertainment show “Street Woman Fighter”, and led the team to the final 5th place. She was born in 2004, and she confessed that she was battling cancer at the Korean age of 19 this year, causing regret.

Source: wikitree

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