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Actor Song Il-kook delivers update on his triplets’ dramatic appearance change due to puberty 

The triplets Daehan, Minguk and Manse have grown into bigger boys while retaining their old-day cuteness. 

Song Il-kook will appear as a guest on MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star,” airing on the 16th (KST). h The preview snippet quickly captured attention with a recent update of the triplets. 

daehan minguk mansae

The show host Ahn Young-mi asked actor Song Il-gook about the triplets, saying, “Song Il-kook, the father of the three children who cannot be exhausted, and his sons, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, have grown up”. 

Song Il-kook said, “They are currently in the fourth grade of an elementary school. The length of their feet is already 265mm and they are nearly 160cm tall”. 

radio star

After that, MC Kim Gu-ra took turns and asked, “Are the children still in puberty?” Song Il-kook said, “I actually wanted to have some counseling”. When the MC asked “Are the children getting upset?”, he responded in affirmation.   

Another spotlight was when Kim Gu-ra asked, “Who is the most rebellious child among the three?” Song Il-kook immediately replied, “The most is Daehan. I think Dae-han is instigating his younger brothers”. The response immediately drew attention and created a sea of laughter. 

radio star

In addition, Song Il-kook also showed the crew on set photos of his children with amazing height. The triplets captured looks because their cute faces remained the same when they were young, but their physical appearances have changed dramatically.

Song Il-kook’s triplets Dae-han, Min-guk, and Man-se were the peak of popularity for their appearance on “The Return of Superman” that aired from 2014 to 2016 alongside their father Song Il-kook.

Source: wikitree

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