BLACKPINK Jennie topped the personal girl group reputation chart of December for five consecutive months, followed closely by NewJeans Minji and BLACKPINK Jisoo 

The analytics of the "December Girl Group Individual Brand Reputation" was recently announced. 

On December 18th, The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation announced the ranking of the top 100 “Girl Group Individual Brand Reputation” in December.


According to the announcement, BLACKPINK Jennie topped the chart, followed by NewJeans Minji at second place, BLACKPINK Jisoo at third and NewJeans Hanni at fourth. 

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The ranking resulted from the analysis of 114,514,301 brand big data of 579 girl group individuals from the 18th of last month to the 18th of this month.

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Jennie recorded a brand reputation index of 4.50,197, showing a small difference with second place Minji (brand reputation index of 4,267,230) and third place index of Jisoo (brand reputation index of 3,049,648).

Jennie also drew attention by rising 52.50% compared to the brand reputation index of 2,958,864 last month. The main rapper continued to maintain her first position for five consecutive months since August. 

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“BLACKPINK Jennie’s brand was high in link analysis, ‘refreshing, charming, and lovely,’ while ‘concert, Chanel, and Instagram’ were high in keyword analysis,” reported the Korea Corporate Reputation Institute. “The positive ratio was 86.87 percent in the positive correction rate analysis.”

The top 30 in the list included Jennie (BLACKPINK), Minji (NewJeans), Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Hanni (NewJeans), Danielle (NewJeans), Rosé (BLACKPINK), Haerin (NewJeans), Joy (Red Velvet), Lisa (BLACKPINK), Nayeon (TWICE), Hyein (NewJeans), Kazuha (LE SSERAFIM), Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation), Mina (TWICE), Jeongyeon (TWICE), Gaeul (IVE), YooA (Oh My Girl), Seulgi (Red Velvet), Arin (Oh My Girl), Irene (Red Velvet), Jang Wonyoung (IVE), Karina (aespa), Yoona (Girls’ Generation), Wendy (Red Velvet), Seohyun (Girls’ Generation), Winter (aespa), Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM), Sunny (Girls’ Generation), Liz (IVE), and Jihyo (TWICE).

Girl Group Individual Brand Reputation
Girl Group Individual Brand Reputation

The following is a table that summarizes the top 100 to the “December Girl Group Personal Brand Reputation.”

Source: wikitree

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