Two photos of Han Ye-seul’s trip in the U.S recently caused serious controversy

Actress Han Ye-seul is being criticized because of the photos taken at a tourist destination in the U.S she recently posted.

On May 2nd, Han Ye-seul uploaded several photos on her Instagram along with the caption “HIKING THROUGH WONDERS”.


In a picture, Han Ye-seul posed as if she was exploring the canyon, forming a beautiful and natural scene. She seems to be enjoying her trip a lot as she was seen touching the sandstone walls slightly with her hands. Photos taken at tourist attractions should be taken like that. 

However, the problem was the two other photos. In fact, the place where Han Ye-seul visited is a natural heritage and it is strictly prevented from being damaged.

han ye seul

The actress visited the Antelope Canyon, which is located in Las Vegas, the U.S. Every tourist must be informed of strict precautions by guides before entering the place to avoid damage. In particular, tourists should never touch sandstone walls with their hands or climb up on the walls of the canyon.

There is actually a sign in front of the entrance that says “No climbing or hiking inside the canyon and around the surrounding rock walls”.

han ye seul

As the issue was pointed out by netizens through comments on Instagram, Han Ye-seul deleted the photos. However, no apology or explanation has been released so far. 

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