Comparing 2 hottest K-drama female leads at the moment: You think Park Min Young’s bed scene is hot enough? Think again!       

Park Min young and Kim Tae Ri are currently the two hottest names of the K-drama industry. 

It’s still early 2022 but K-drama has already provided many choices of interesting romance-psychology dramas. Among them, 2 of the hottest ones are definitely “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and “Forecasting Love and Weather.” Aside from the plot, the female leads – Kim Tae Ri and Park Min Young is receiving lots of compliments on their acting skill and character design. Both are potential factors in terms of romance genre as well as love stories with adult-rated scenes.

1. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri is in the spotlight for her role as a professional fencing athlete in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”. Her visual is not the gorgeous type, but she has that youth drama vibe that fits perfectly with her role. Especially, her natural and charming acting is what excites fans the most. Many highly complimented this 31-year-old actor both in terms of appearance and acting skill.

Not a well seen face in the Korean acting industry but whenever people mention Kim Tae Ri, they will immediately remember her impeccable roles. Among them, the most remarkable one must be that of the legendary Korean movie – “The Handmaiden”. She bravely challenged queer bed scenes which she had to be naked for. Her natural acting and impressive expression has completely conquered even the strictest viewers. Even though she doesn’t have a voluptuous body, Kim Tae Ri’s fresh and young sides were even more charming.

With such highly acclaimed performances, various character transformations, flexible acting, and her brave sacrifice for her roles, Kim Tae Ri is sure to shine even more in the future. Of course, this will depend on how Kim Tae Ri chooses her future path, but with such a resourceful talent source, she bounds to have many chances to prove herself.  

2. Park Min Young

If Kim Tae Ri is labeled the muse of theatrical films, Park Min Young is one of the hottest female stars on the Korean small screen. Recently, Park Min Young’s steamy scene with Song Kang has taken social media by storm. Specifically, in Forecasting Love and Weather, Park Min Young plays Ha Kyung – a talented and feisty manager who was dating a longtime boyfriend who cheated on her. After finding out the truth and breaking up with her terrible ex, she went to drink with Si Woo – a male colleague she barely knows. They end up getting drunk and having a one-night stand. Their first kissing and bed scene in episode 2 of Forecasting Love and Weather created a stir online not only because it is so unexpected but also because of the sizzling chemistry between Song Kang and Park Min Young. As expected of the two stars with experience acting in romantic dramas and especially bed scenes. The combination of Park Min Young – Song Kang draws much interest from the viewers. 

2 hottest K-drama female leads at the moment
2 hottest K-drama female leads at the moment

Previously, Park Min Young also had acted in a few hot scenes on the screen. The most notable one is her steamy scene with Vice President Park Seo Joon in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. This 2-minute scene has exceeded over 350 million views on YouTube – showing Park Min Young’s impact. 

A pretty face and skinny body are clearly the advantages of Park Min Young. Besides, Park Min Young perfectly suits the image of a chic, modern female lead in dramas about office romance. Her natural acting is also what makes her so charming. Notably, Park Min Young is known as the “queen of K-drama chemistry”. Her lovely visuals and the way she can spark convincing chemistry with every co-star are the major reasons why Park Min Young’s roles attract viewers. 

Twenty Five, Twenty One airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN. Forecasting Love and Weather is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday night on JTBC.

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