“The Glory” Actor Heo Dong-won Divorces Non-Celebrity Wife After One Year of Marriage

Heo Dong-won, known for his role as a teacher in Netflix’s 'The Glory', has hit a rough patch just one year after his marriage

On February 29th, JTBC exclusively reported that Heo Dong-won had called it quits with his non-celebrity wife.

According to the report, the couple got married in March 2023 but ultimately decided to divorce after careful consideration.

Heo Dong-won revealed on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart League’ last May that he ended up taking marriage photos with his wife on their first date.


He confessed, “I had been watching my wife for a long time. I confessed my feelings to her with the premise of marriage, and she agreed to go out with me. We took wedding photos on the day we decided to date.”

Heo Dong-won also showed a romantic gesture by singing a congratulatory song himself on their wedding day, drawing admiration.

Currently, all photos taken with his wife have been taken down from his Instagram. 

Source: insight

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