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Police start investigation into “Marriage Hell child abuse” case, family says they are “flustered”

A man is reported of inappropriately touching his young stepdaughter’s body on TV, and the police launched a “pre-charge investigation.”

The pre-charge investigation is the stage of collecting information on the case, and if criminal charges are found, it will be converted into a formal investigation.

marriage hell

The Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency’s Women and Youth Investigation Team announced on Dec 22nd that it recently received a report on a man accused of sexually harassing his stepdaughter and it has begun a pre-charge investigation before the official charge.

The scene mentioned in the report is the “fake medical injection game” of a man in a remarried family living in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, on the entertainment program “Oh Eun Young‘s Report: Marriage Hell” broadcast on MBC on Dec 19th. Controversy arose after the man was seen touching his 7-year-old stepdaughter’s buttocks, calling it a “fake medical injection game.” In the broadcast, the stepfather explained that it was his expression of affection for his daughter.

marriage hell

However, the family reportedly said in a recent phone call with the police, “I appeared on the broadcast to protect my family and do better, but I am very flustered by the controversy right now.”

Immediately, MBC apologized in a statement, saying, “We focused only on analyzing the couple’s problems, which is why we couldn’t carefully watch the scenes that viewers might be concerned about,” adding, “We didn’t think about it again from the child’s point of view and has caused many people anxiety.”

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The Jeollabuk-do Provincial Police Agency has requested that this family submit data as reports are pouring against them.

An official from the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Police Agency said, “It is difficult to reveal the details of the case as there is a concern about secondary damage to victims of sexual crimes,” but added, “We plan to identify various data and carefully review whether to launch an investigation or not.”

Source: CBS

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