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“Marriage Hell” responds to criticism towards Oh Eun Young, who is accused of defending sexual harassment behaviors, “It was because of our editing”

“Marriage Hell” revealed their position while Dr. Oh Eun Young is facing backlash from netizens.

The broadcast of MBC’s program “Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell” (hereinafter referred to as “Marriage Hell”) on Dec 19th shocked viewers by airing the scenes of a stepfather forcing physical contact with his 7-year-old stepdaughter. Dealing with this family issue, the production team only made provocative comments, such as “The wife, who is a domestic violence counselor, even reported her husband as a child abuser”. Therefore, this caused controversy to be raised. 

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After the broadcast, viewers poured out requests for the abolition of the program due to the airing of child sexual harassment scenes. The production team then deleted the controversial scene from the replay.

While the child harassment behaviors of the stepfather are still reported and criticized in the national newspaper, the case was transferred to the police. Jeonbuk Provincial Police Station’s Women and Youth Crime Investigation Unit has also launched a “pre-booking investigation”. If a criminal allegation is found, it will be converted into a formal investigation, including charging the suspect.

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Dr. Oh Eun Young gave warnings about excessive physical contact but sparked controversy as she viewed the issue from a pitiful perspective and made comments, such as “The husband is basically feeling too lonely”, “The husband must have felt lonely and left out because his wife didn’t share her feelings”, etc.

In this regard, critic Wi Geun Woo said, “What is MBC’s Education Bureau thinking about? I did point out the problem of this program, which is exposing the limitations of Dr. Oh Eun Young’s professionalism rather than the limitations of her own self. I still think the same way now. Yesterday’s broadcast raises our doubts about the fact that Dr. Oh Eun Young is silent on an issue that conscientious commoners can realize”

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In response to the harsh criticism toward Dr. Oh Eun Young, the production team of “Marriage Hell” issued an apology on December 21st, saying “Dr. Oh Eun Young pointed out the husband’s behaviors in detail throughout the five-hour recording. She firmly criticized him and urged him to change. However, Dr. Oh and the MCs were criticized for being compassionate to the husband’s behaviors due to the mistake of the production team when editing the program and focusing on the latter part only. From now on, we will pay close attention so that the real atmosphere on the set can be fully conveyed to the viewers”.

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They continued, “The production team and Dr. Oh Eun Young will continue to support this family and the child in solving their problems even after the broadcast. If there is any possibility of the child having psychological difficulties, we will provide professional examinations and therapeutic support together with Dr. Oh Eun Young.”

Source: Daum

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