“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Kim Tae-ri said to Nam Joo-hyuk, “I’m going to share everything… Let’s suffer together when we’re in pain”

“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Kim Tae-ri passed along a request to Nam Joo-hyuk.

In the 15th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” which aired on April 2nd, Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) reconciled.

On this day, Baek Yi-jin visited Ko Yu-rim (Bona) and said, “I heard about you by chance. I also met your agency. I did the coverage on the premise that I would report your story. You’ll get hurt if the news comes out. I’m sure your mother and father will be hurt, too. I knew it, but I did it.”

Ko Yu-rim asked, “So you’re sorry?” Baek Yi-jin replied, “To say I’m sorry is too cowardly.” Ko Yu-rim comforted Baek Yi-jin, “If you said you were sorry, I would have been disappointed. I sometimes feel sorry for the players who lost to me, but I don’t apologize. I’m not sorry about that. It’s something that will be known anyway, I’m glad reporter Baek Yi-jin found out about it first.”

When Baek Yi-jin said, “Yu-rim ah, just explain why you’re changing your citizenship”, Go Yu-rim answered, “No, I can’t. Then they’ll judge my parents. I’d rather die than have that happen. Please tell people that I’m changing my citizenship solely because of money. I can handle it. I’ll be the one to be criticized. Please”.

Na Hee-do later found Baek Yi-jin sobbing on the floor. She said, “You always hide when you’re in pain. You avoided my calls and texts. I didn’t know you’d be here doing this”. Baek Yi-jin tearfully said, “It was me who did this to Yu-rim. People congratulated me when it was me who turned everyone against Yu-rim”.

Na Hee-do then approached Baek Yi-jin. She hugged him and said, “Yu-rim told me that you were just doing your job. We do fencing and you cover stories. Let’s acknowledge and accept that. There aren’t many things that we can do as we want in this world”, adding, “I’m sorry for saying such nasty things that day. I was just angry. I didn’t mean it”.

While erasing the word Ko Yu-rim Traitor” on the wall with Baek Yi-jin, Na Hee-do expressed her true feelings, saying, “I need to give you a warning as your girlfriend. I’m going to share everything that’s yours. Everything, including your sadness, happiness, and despair. So don’t hide because things are tough. Make sure to leave my share. If you don’t lean on me. I’ll be so lonely”, adding, “Let’s suffer together when we’re in pain. It’s 100 times better than being lonely alone”.

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