EXO Baekhyun gave a special gift to an 8-year-old fan who came to his birthday event on Children’s Day

EXO member Baekhyun gave a warm gift to an 8-year-old fan at the birthday party event he held for fans.

On May 5th, Baekhyun held a birthday party at KBS Arena in Seoul.


Among many fans who gathered to celebrate Baekhyun’s birthday, an 8-year-old fan appeared, arousing keen attention.

The little girl, who has been Baekhyun’s fan since she was 5 years old, came to the event with her mother. 

At the end of the birthday event, Baekhyun took the “giant Teolaegi doll” that was with him throughout the event and approached that 8-year-old fan. He then handed it to the little girl as a gift for her since the date of the event was also Children’s Day in Korea. 


It’s more meaningful since Teolaegi is the doll designed by Baekhyun himself.

Baekhyun asked other fans around him, “I’ll give the doll to her. You’re okay with this, right?”, “Where’s she? Where?”, etc., then headed to the seat of the little fan. 

Standing in front of his 8-year-old fan, Baekhyun sweetly said, “Hello. This is a gift for you”, and gently delivered the gift himself.

Fans who went to the birthday event left favorable reviews, praising Baekhyun’s warm gift for his little fan.


After the birthday party, Baekhyun found the message written by the mother of that 8-year-old fan on SNS and he left a comment, saying “Just like Rae In (the little fan) has colored the world with her white and clear light, you will always treat people around you nicely and make them happy. Let’s continue meeting each other. I love you”.

In response to Baekhyun’s sweet heart, netizens reacted, “It think it was more meaningful to the girl since she received such a gift on Children’s Day”, “He’s such a warm man”, etc.

Source: Insight

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