Tottenham replied to comments which said “The grass will be ruined by BTS’s concert.”

Tottenham directly expressed its stance on the controversy over the damage to the grass which their fans think that will be made if BTS have their concert there.

Tottenham posted “Welcome to Wembley, BTS” on its official Facebook page on Feb 20 celebrating BTS’ announcement of coming to the Wembley Stadium in London soon for their concert.


When the post was posted, some netizens left comments saying, “The grass is gonna be damaged because of the performance,” “Did ruining the grass in Korea’s not eanoug for them and now thay have to go oversea to do that?” and “I’m really worried about the grass.”


As the controversy arose, Tottenham expressed their position. On the same day, Tottenham said in a post through a comment that “the concert will happen in Wembley during the non-soccer season,” adding, “There were performances by Taylor Swift and Ed Sharon last summer, and concerts of Spice Girls, Bon Jovi, Eagles and Pink are scheduled to start here this summer with BTS’s being the first one.”

Don’t worry too much. We are looking forward to another star from Korea (BTS)’s visit to Wembley,” Tottenham said.

Sources: Nate

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