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IVE An Yu Jin “Jeon So Min is my role model”… The meeting between the two insane entertainers (Running Man)

IVE An Yu Jin is reborn as an “insane entertainer”.

On the Jan 29th broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man“, IVE will appear and show off their variety show ability.

In particular, An Yu Jin was equipped with her entertainment self from the opening. She heated up the atmosphere by boasting her unstoppable volubility, “(Yoo Jae Suk) is too grasshopper-like“, “I think I’ll win if I run“…

IVE running man

Seeing this, Jeon So Min suddenly confessed, “It’s my style. I love it.” An Yu Jin continued their good chemistry by saying, “Actually, you’re my role model…” Rumor has it that the members responded “You two are similar in some way” and were absolutely amazed at the meeting between the two “insane entertainers”.

IVE Running Man

Besides, in the balance discussion mission, An Yu Jin kept springing out of her seat and showed excessive immersion in the discussion by making stormy counterarguments, such as “Do this from now on!“… Running Man members supported her, “Oh, it’s great.” IVE members also showed their blind faith “If Yu Jin said so, then it’s like that“, raising curiosity about the story behind An Yu Jin’s volubility. “Running Man” will air at 6:20 PM on Jan 29th.

Source: Daum

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