BLACKPINK Lisa’s Expressions at Palace Banquet Stir Debate, Compared to Jisoo’s

BLACKPINK recently graced a state banquet in the UK, marking their first reunion since the end of their world tour 

However, the spotlight shifted from the grandeur of the event to BLACKPINK’s Lisa, whose expressions during the banquet sparked discussions on Chinese social media.

A captured video of Lisa and Jisoo at the state banquet quickly garnered attention online, with Chinese netizens pointing out a noticeable contrast in their expressions. 

Jisoo, described as exuding excitement yet maintaining elegance, stood in contrast to Lisa, who came under controversy due to her emotionless expressions. 

Chinese media outlet Sohu highlighted the differing expressions of Lisa and Jisoo. Sohu pointed out that Lisa looked somewhat bored. Sohu, however, cautioned against drawing conclusions solely from a brief video circulating on social media, emphasizing that such snippets might not offer a comprehensive view of the situation.

Sohu’s article also pointed out an alternate perspective from a different camera angle. In this video, Lisa maintained a cheerful and relaxed expression, engaging in lively conversations with other guests at the banquet. 

This raised questions about the validity of the criticisms leveled against Lisa, suggesting that the scrutiny of every subtle expression is unnecessary.

Source: K14

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