Fans react strongly as Stray Kids Hyun Jin gets summoned after the ‘school violence’ drama “The Glory” became a hit

Fans of Hyun Jin, a member of the boy group Stray Kids, sent a protest truck to JYP Entertainment building.

On January 27th, a post titled “Chinese fans of Stray Kids Hyun Jin are holding a truck protest in front of JYP building” was posted on many online communities.

The post contains pictures of a truck that carries several messages, such as “Take strict legal action against fabricated stories”, “Protect your artist’s human rights with a clear statement”, “Please consider the hearts of Hyun Jin fans who contributed a lot to Stray Kids’ album sales”, “JYP Division 1 is such an old man who insists on handling situations in the wrong way”, etc.

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As Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, which tells about school violence, has recently gained huge attention, celebrities who have been embroiled in controversies over school bullying in the past are being summoned one after another. Among them, Hyun Jin is mentioned a lot because his name is similar to “The Glory” character Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), the perpetrator who bullies Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo).

As a result, Chinese fans of Stray Kids are angry at JYP Entertainment because the agency keeps staying silence although rumors and parodies that compare “The Glory” character Yeon Jin and Hyun Jin to twist the truth are spreading rapidly.

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Earlier in February 2021, Hyun Jin was involved in a school violence scandal. At that time, Hyun Jin apologized, saying “I sincerely apologize to people who were hurt by my inappropriate actions and words during my school days. Looking back on my actions during those days when I was more immature than I am now, I’m very ashamed and I have no excuse for what I did”.

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Later, Hyun Jin’s middle school teacher claimed, “Hyun Jin might have hurt someone with his immature words and actions in the past, but it is true that the situation was exaggerated in the way to make Hyun Jin become someone who took the lead in using violence. I feel so bad about that”.

Recalling the past, the teacher said, “In Hyun Jin’s class, there are many other students who had particularly competitive and rough personalities. The atmosphere in the class was not very friendly. Rather than covering and fillings each other’s shortcomings, they criticized and made fun of each other”, adding “He (Hyun Jin) went through a confusing period due to the atmosphere surrounding him in the class. That’s why he seems to have made harsh and sensitive words and actions”.

Despite that, the school violence controversy did not cool down so JYP Entertainment announced Hyun Jin’s hiatus for self-reflection. Four months later, in June 2021, Hyun Jin returned to activities by participating in Stray Kids digital single. 

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