BTS Suga’s “Suchwita” welcomes first female guest, whose identity shocks everyone

A surprise first female guest has appeared on “Suchwita”, a YouTube content hosted by BTS’s Suga, catching eyes.

On May 15th, a video titled “[Suchwita] EP.11 TEASER” was published on BTS’s YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”.


In the teaser, Suga expressed his surprise and said, “Suchwita’ always has guests that you never expect”, before raising expectations by adding, “Everyone, get ready to be surprised.”

Afterwards, Suga greeted the guest with a respectful 90-degree bow.


Only a part of the guest’s face was revealed, but her distinctive and beautiful features allowed viewers to quickly recognize her as the actress Lee Na Young.

Suga introduced Lee Na Young as the “first female guest on Suchwita”. When he asked if this was her first time on YouTube content, she responded, “Not just YouTube, I never really talked much about myself before.”


With this, Lee Na Young surprised netizens by choosing “Suchwita” as her first variety show appearance in 11 years after “Infinity Challenge” in 2012.

When Suga asked if she usually drinks alcohol, the actress laughed and said, “I’m human too”. Then, in response to a question about her unexpected side, she revealed her laid-back side by saying, “I mostly just wear track suits.”


On that day, Lee Na Young revealed that she happened to hear the song “People”, and that she tends to think a lot about people. Hearing this, Suga sympathized with her, saying they have a lot in common.

Although it was an unexpected combination of a top actress and a top singer, they showed unexpected chemistry, adding warmth.


Lee Na Young brought laughter by revealing her quirky side by saying she really likes comedy. The actress also thought about whether she should go on “Comedy Big League” or get hit by a water balloon.

Even though it was a short teaser of about a minute, the response was explosive.


Netizens who saw the unprecedented meeting of the two showed admiration and commented, “This is crazy, what’s going on with this scale…”, “Lee Na Young on a talk show”, and “This casting was possible because of Suga”.

On the other hand, the full episode featuring Lee Na Young will be released on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” at 10 pm (KST) on May 22nd.

Source: Insight

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