Omega X’s agency shares legal results related to false allegations spread by a YouTuber

IPQ stated on Dec 20th, “Regarding the request for the video deletion and posting ban on the YouTube channel ‘In Ji Woong K-pop idol trainer’, the court determined that untrue expressions were used in many videos posted on the channel. This was deemed as an infringement of Omega X‘s personal rights and cannot be allowed.”

IPQ explained, “The court ordered the removal of the content in question and, if not removed, imposed penalties for non-compliance with the decision regarding the violation period.”

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They emphasized the significance of proving that the basis of the tampering allegations made by In Ji Woong in the videos was false. Finally, the agency announced, “As a follow-up measure, we plan to file a main lawsuit for the entire deletion of the videos, which have a high potential for defamation, in order to protect Omega X’s reputation and ensure smooth activities.”

Earlier, Omega X members terminated their exclusive contract with the previous agency Spire Entertainment and moved to IPQ. At that time, the members applied for an injunction to suspend the effect of the exclusive contract, claiming they had been verbally abused, assaulted and sexually harassed by the former agency’s officials.

Subsequently, the court cited this injunction application, and the members moved to the current agency in January this year. Afterwards, the previous agency claimed that it would proceed with the process of reclaiming Omega X’s IP, raising tampering suspicions.

A YouTuber actively participated in the tampering suspicions, escalating the controversy. The agency ultimately filed a criminal complaint against the YouTuber for broadcast prohibition, defamation and business obstruction due to the spread of false information.

Meanwhile, Omega X released their third mini-album last month.

Source: Daum

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