The reason why netizens link Stray Kids’ Hyun Jin to K-drama “The Glory” 

A netizen parodied a scene from “The Glory” and mentioned Stray Kids’ Hyun Jin.

Netflix’s “The Glory”, a drama that depicts school violence, is receiving enthusiastic responses both domestically and overseas. It realistically captures the heartbreaking reality of victims of bullying and the impudent attitude of perpetrators without reflection. “The Glory” also reminds netizens of celebrities who came under controversy over their past in school.

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Recently, on Korean social media platforms and online communities, a post parodying a scene from “The Glory” is going viral.

In the post, Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), a victim of school violence, congratulated the perpetrator Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) at their high school alumni awards ceremony.

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Moon Dong Eun captured everyone’s attention by clapping at Park Yeon Jin when she was on the podium and shouting out loud, “Fighting, Park Yeon Jin. Bravo. You’re cool, Yeon Jin-ah.”

This scene was parodied by a netizen using the name of Hyun Jin, a member of Stray Kids. The netizen used a screenshot of Moon Dong Eun clapping and mockingly said, “Stray Kids received an award,” and “You’re cool, Hyun Jin-ah.”

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Netizens left comments to this viral post such as “Yeon Jin and Hyun Jin’s names are similar,” “Hyun Jin only bullied girls. Isn’t he the muse of ‘The Glory’?” “Why hasn’t Hyun Jin left the group?”, “After watching the drama, I hate Hyun Jin more.”

The aftermath of “The Glory” continues overseas as well. In Thailand, after the release of the drama, there have been a series of revelations about the past of celebrities who committed school violence. Thai actor Ohmpawat was identified as the perpetrator. He acknowledged the controversy and apologized.


Earlier, in February 2021, Stray Kids’ Hyun Jin was embroiled in suspicion of school violence due to accusations posted on an online community. The accuser caused a stir by claiming that she was subjected to unprovoked violence and verbal abuse from Hyun Jin in middle school.

In response, Hyun Jin wrote an apology four days after the suspicion of school violence and admitted that he was wrong. JYP Entertainment then announced the suspension of his activities, saying, “Hyun Jin will self-reflect after suspending all activities as a celebrity,” but he resumed Stray Kids schedules after about five months of controversy.

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(G)I-DLE’s former member Soo Jin and LE SSERAFIM’s former member Kim Garam, who also had a controversy over school violence, both withdrew from their groups, but Hyun Jin is still active.

Recently, Stray Kids won the Album Bonsang and Most Popular Singer Award at the 37th Golden Disc Awards held in Bangkok, Thailand on January 7th.

Source: Nate. 

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