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Lee Mi-joo X Hanhae, a forced love line that does not make viewers’ hearts flutter

Singers Lee Mi-joo and Hanhae are continuing their love line on various entertainment programs, but there is no excitement.

On a recent broadcast of Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW“, rapper Hanhae appeared as a TMI guest reporter.

Lee Mi-joo called Hanhae out, “I have a boyfriend. He said he misses me and wants to meet me on the weekend. Honey, come out.”

Hanhae pretended to be Lee Mi-joo’s boyfriend and introduced himself, “I’m Hanhae, a man who comes whenever Mi-joo calls.”

lee mijoo tmi show

Afterwards, Lee Mi-joo gave Hanhae a toy couple ring and said, “If you lose it, I’ll kill you.”

Since Lovelyz‘s disbandment, Lee Mi-joo has been active on various entertainment programs, boasting her variety show skills with bold words and actions that other girl group members have not shown. What stands out among her entertainment concepts is that she actively tries to create love lines when male guests appear. Lee Mi-joo exuded a pink atmosphere by confronting various male celebrities such as Kim Min-kyu, Chae Jong-hyeop and Ahn Bo-hyun.


However, among them, Hanhae and her are continuing their love line across programs. When appearing together on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” in March, Lee Mi-joo and Hanhae confessed that they want to date each other. As the pink mood was naturally created, DJ Kim Tae-kyun asked Mi-joo to choose one between Hanhae, Loco and Gray. Mi-joo chose Hanhae. In addition, when Kim Tae-kyun asked if she has anything to say last, Lee Mi-joo said, “I love you, Hanhae.”

After that, Hanhae, who once again appeared on “Cultwo Show”, grumbled to Lee Mi-joo, “Don’t confuse me. It feels like I’m in a fishing ground. You’re shaking my heart.” Lee Mi-joo revealed, “We’re flirting.

lee mijoo tmi show

When Lee Mi-joo appeared as a guest on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”, where Hanhae is a fixed member, she performed a two-line poem with the word “Mi-joo“, “Mi-joo, see you on the weekend.” On Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW” this time, Lee Mi-joo made a two-line poem with the word “Hanhae“, “I’ll say it just once, let’s try dating.” Hanhae confessed, “I have plans for a relationship this year. My ideal type doesn’t change often. My ideal type is Mi-joo.”

“As such, Lee Mi-joo and Hanhae try to induce excitement by continuing the love line formed once through multiple broadcasts. But the problem is that viewers are not excited at all. Making an unreasonable love line that does not suit the situation will only rouse antipathy.”

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