Kim Tae-hee Reveals Youthful Beauty, Reunites with Special Guest from Wedding 6 Years Ago?

In a recent photo with a friend from her wedding 6 years ago, Kim Tae-hee reveals her youthful beauty, which is still the talk of town

Recently, married couple Kim Tae-hee and Rain appeared on the SNS of a famous makeup artist. It is known that the couple returned to Korea to participate in a photo shoot for a brand.

According to the makeup artist, this is a rare shared photo between her and the couple, as they reunite 6 years after Kim Tae-hee and Rain’s wedding. Additionally, this makeup artist was the one who worked on Kim Tae-hee’s simple wedding look six years ago.

kim tae hee bi rain
Kim Tae-hee and Rain with makeup artist Juhee Sohn

The post from this makeup artist quickly attracted attention from the online community. Most netizens expressed admiration for the increasingly radiant beauty, especially the bright and flawless skin of Kim Tae-hee.

At the moment, despite being 43 years old and a mother of two, Kim Tae-hee still maintains an elegant and youthful beauty. Despite rarely appearing on the screen or at entertainment events, information about Kim Tae-hee is always of public interest.

juhee sohn kimtae hee
Juhee Sohn in a photo with Kim Tae-hee during the actress’s wedding 6 years ago

Meanwhile, around a month ago, a netizen accidentally spotted Kim Tae-hee and Bi Rain picking up their two daughters at a school in Los Angeles, USA. It is known that the couple brought their two little girls to the United States for living and studying. As for Kim Tae-hee and Bi Rain, both regularly travel between Korea and the US.

In July 2023, Kim Tae-hee returned to the screen with the work “Lies Hidden In My Garden.” While Bi Rain continues to participate in various performance events and updates his life on his personal page.

kim tae hee bi rain
Kim Tae-hee and Rain picking up their two daughters at school in the US

Source: K14

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