“The score of the live voting is…” The boy group that beat both BLACKPINK and NewJeans to take 1st place

On the 27th, on MBC’s ‘Show! In ‘Music Core’, NewJeans‘ ‘Attention’, The Boyz‘ ‘WHISPER” and BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’ were nominated for 1st place in the last week of August. Accordingly, the final winner was The Boyz. BLACKPINK took 3rd place and New Jeans took 2nd place.

the boyz

What drew attention in particular was The Boyz’s score. Among the three groups, New Jeans had the highest score for music albums. As for the video broadcasting score, The Boyz and BLACKPINK obtained similar scores. However, The Boyz overwhelmingly defeated the two other groups in the pre-voting and live-broadcast voting conducted through apps and text messages.

The Boyz members also expressed their greatest gratitude to the fans. Sangyeon said, “First of all, if it wasn’t for our The B (fandom name), I don’t think I would receive this award.

“I want to say thank you to The B the most,” said New. “It may not have been enough because it was an album that was prepared in a hurry, but I want to say thank you to The B and the agency for filling it up that much. Didn’t we keep the fans waiting for 10 months? We’ll be THE BOYZ who will come back with a good album as long as we’ve kept you waiting.”

the boyz

On this day, “Show! Music Core” featured Leo, TWICE, IVE, Honey Jay (feat. Lil Cherry), CIX, Park Boram, Dark Rain, Hong Yi-sak, 9001, lavndr, Cracky, BAE173, TriV and ATBO.

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