Lee Bo Young’s acting skills went to waste, Son Na Eun failed to transform into her role

JTBC’s weekend drama “Agency” is on a rough road despite its rising ratings as Son Na Eun’s clumsy acting dampens the work.

The ratings for episode 2 of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Agency,” which aired on Jan 8th, recorded 5.1% nationwide and 5.4% in the Seoul metropolitan area.

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In this episode, Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young) started a reversal. Go Ah In is promoted to become the much-anticipated first female executive of her company.

However, her happiness didn’t last long. Kim Tae Wan (Jung Seung Gil), chief of staff who supports Kang Yong Ho (Song Young Chang) of VC Group, said, “That executive position is only temporary. Just one year, that’s the term of Ms. Ko. The viewers also learned that Choi Chang Soo (Cho Seong Ha) designed this plan to catch the eyes of Chairman Kang, who needed a replacement before appointing his youngest daughter Kang Han Na (Son Na Eun) as the executive.


Amid the full-fledged in-house war between Go Ah In and Choi Chang Soo, Kang Han Na is the start of everything. However, Son Na Eun, whose role plays a big part in the drama, is considered a problem. Aside from her inaccurate pronunciation which makes it hard to believe that she was a singer, her vocalization is also mentioned.

Vocalization is the basis of acting, and it is impossible to play the leading role without it. Son Na Eun’s voice is basically murky. On top of that, her lack of vocalization frustrated viewers every time she speaks.

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Many also evaluated that Son Na Eun reduced the viewer’s immersion in the drama with only one awkward expression and tone from the start. Lee Bo Young, a well-known talented actress, is leading the drama as the main character, but Son Na Eun is also the sub-lead whose acting skills are more important than anyone else.

While Son Na Eun’s acting skills are considered to fall short of expectations despite Lee Bo Young’s passionate performance, viewers are still patient to see whether she will be able to change their minds with her high-quality acting in the future.

Source: Tenasia

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