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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Off Rising Variety Star Quality In 2nd Episode Of “Apartment 404”

BLACKPINK’s Jennie succeeded in turning the table in the 2nd episode of “Apartment 404”

The second episode of “Apartment 404,” which aired on March 1st, combined mystery, comic, and variety games based on a true story that took place in 1986. The member who stood out the most in this episode was definitely Jennie.

As she played the main character of the unexpected plot, she “hit” other members in the back of the head properly. In the second episode, Jennie showed off her strong skills, as veteran variety star Yoo Jae-suk and the youngest member Lee Jung-ha were beaten in vain.

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“Illegal tutoring,” the keyword from 1986

The time “Apartment 404” traveled back to in this episode was 1986. The cast had to find missing student Kim OO through several games and hints. They were divided into two teams. “Illegal tutoring” has become the core of this episode. In this case, a member assigned by the production team under the name of “an older brother who reported illegal tutoring” is hiding his identity and interfering with the activities of “good citizens.”

Four mafias, Jennie hid her identity

The members went down to the basement of the apartment and found high school student Kim Mi-young, but she was not the missing main character. The person concerned was none other than Kim Ji-eun, a college student tutor. One thing is revealed in the process. There are as many as four ‘undergraduates’ who play the role of mafia, not one. The identity of three mafias, Oh Na-ra, Cha Tae-hyun and Yang Se-chan, was confirmed. While the identity of the other one is unknown, the apartment management office announced, “Two good residents can come to the press conference hall on the roof by 3 p.m. and reveal their identity.”

blackpink jennie

Lee Jung-ha turned out to be a good citizen through the ledger, which was the most important hint. Jennie, who persistently emphasized herself in the process of choosing the last person, took the podium with Lee Jung-ha, but Jennie’s identity turned out to be none other than an ‘undergraduate brother,’ the final mafia. As she succeeded in concealing her identity, she made the final victory.

Best casting self-proven

After “Apartment 404″’s first episode, some criticism was made toward the members who were not able to adapt to the program, and Jennie was one of them. However, in the second episode, Jennie was the person who took the lead in the game as she adapted the fastest.

Jennie hid her identity and sometimes found the hints for the case’s resolution, showing the most prominent performance among the cast’s by mobilizing her quick judgment, wit, and reasoning skills. She proved herself to be the most optimal member for the program and not just a “World Star” added for clout.

Source: Sports Chosun

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