Korean actresses who date or marry people completely different from their past remarks (ft. Son Ye Jin, Lim Ji Yeon, Shin Min Ah, etc.)

These actresses met people who made them go against their ideas about dating in the past.

On May 22nd, Wonder Girls Yubin confirmed her romantic relationship with Korean tennis star Kwon Soon Woo. 


Appearing on SBS’s entertainment program “Direct Love” last year, Yubin said, “I’ve never dated someone younger”, adding “However, I don’t think it matters if we get along well. Unless the age difference is too big”. However, Yubin’s current lover Kwon Soon Woo was born in 1997 and their age difference is up to 9 years.

There are also many other beautiful Korean stars who met partners who are completely opposite to what they said in the past. 

Both Lee Na Young and Son Ye Jin, who married Korea’s representative handsome actors Won Bin and Hyun Bin, used to emphasize their idea of “not caring about appearance” when dating on various broadcasts before getting married.

won bin lee na young

Lee Na Young once confessed on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge”, “I don’t think I will like someone handsome. What if he cheats on me?”. However, in 2005, she married none other than Won Bin. At that time, netizens brought up her remark and commented, “But she didn’t say she hated handsome men”.

Before she tied the knot with Hyun Bin in March last year, Son Ye Jin firmly said in various broadcasts, “I don’t care about the other person’s appearance”, adding “I like someone who can communicate with me well, someone who can tell how I feel today just by looking at my expression”.

hyun bin son ye jin

Ko So Young once appeared on SBS’s “Hanbam TV Entertainment” and shared, “I value personality more than appearance. It’s burdensome to meet a pretty man with double eyelids. I won’t look at his face”. In the end, she married actor Jang Dong Geun.

ko so young

Actress, Shin Min Ah, who has been publicly dating actor Kim Woo Bin for 9 years, is no different. Before dating him, she said she didn’t care about the visual but only needed someone who is kind, caring, and warm.

kim woo bin shin min ah thumbnail

In an interview with the media when “The Glory” was released, actress Lim Ji Yeon said, “It would be very nice to be with a warm and kind person”, adding “I will get fluttered when I see a handsome man, but I don’t think we have anything in common to develop into a relationship”. She was recently revealed to be dating young and handsome actor Lee Do Hyun. 

Lee Do Hyun-Lim Ji yeon

Source: Naver

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