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BLACKPINK Jisoo Shares Her Firm View on Male-Female Friendships

BLACKPINK Jisoo holds strong opinions regarding whether men and women can maintain purely platonic friendships. 

BLACKPINK Jisoo and WINNER Jinwoo recently addressed this issue together on “Dingdae”. The question of whether men and women can be just friends has always been a subject of debate in Asian countries and frequently discussed among K-pop idols.

Dingdae BlackPInk jisoo

Prior to delving into the main question, Jisoo was asked about her friendship with Jinwoo. She revealed that they had known each other for a very long time, as they are both from YG.

Amidst such warm sentiments, Jisoo firmly expressed her belief that people of the opposite gender cannot simply be friends.

Jisoo emphasized that it might be challenging for male-female friendships to flourish naturally. However, she also acknowledged that long-lasting friendships could defy this preconceived notion.

According to Jisoo, if a friendship endures for over a decade, it becomes more feasible for boys and girls to maintain a genuine bond. The key lies in the level of comfort and familiarity between individuals. If they can casually inquire about each other’s lives without feeling awkward, then it is a true friendship.

Jisoo further drew a distinction between occasional contact and constant communication. If constant communication or frequent calls are involved, Jisoo finds it somewhat difficult to comprehend.

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