Billboard Claims Jungkook’s Spotify Record is Thanks to “His Latto Collab”, Leading to Fans’ Outrage

BTS’s fans called out Billboard for allegedly disrespecting Jungkook and his solo achievement 

On October 31, Billboard posted on X about Jungkook breaking a Spotify streaming record of a billion streams. However, instead of highlighting Jungkook’s accomplishment, Billboard commented that his record was thanks to “his Latto collab,” referring to Jungkook’s hit solo single “Seven” (feat. Latto).

This comment didn’t sit right with the fans as they claimed Billboard was disrespecting Jungkook as a solo artist. Following negative reactions, Billboard took down the original tweet and shared a new one celebrating Jungkook’s Spotify record without mentioning Latto.

While some fans appreciated the change, others still expressed dissatisfaction with both tweets. They believed the first tweet disrespected Jungkook, and the new one overlooked Latto.

Source: koreaboo

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