A famous actress who was jealous of her husband’s kiss scenes when dating, but only thinks about “income” after marriage

Recently, stars have been receiving congratulations from many fans by sharing news of dating and marriage.

In particular, actress Gong Hyo-jin and singer Kevin Oh, actors Nam Goong-min and Jin Ah-reum held grand weddings and received applause from many people.

Some netizens often wonder “Will the other person be jealous when they film a kiss scene?” when they see stars’ marriages.

park ha sun

There is an actress who solved this curiosity coolly (?). She is Park Ha-sun, who married actor Ryu Soo-young.

On the Oct 20th episode of MBN’s “Random Tour – As You Wish”, Park Ha-sun met Lee Yu-ri, who worked with Ryu Soo-young as a married couple in KBS2’s “My Father Is Strange”.

random tour

Park Ha-sun smiled pleasantly, mentioning that Ryu Soo-young and Lee Yu-ri even won the Best Couple Award at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards.

While eating together, the two had a conversation that they could sympathize with as actors.

Lee Yu-ri first said, “There was a kiss scene between Ryu Soo-young and me.”

random tour

Park Ha-sun honestly shared, “When we were dating, I felt a little bad when I saw my husband do that. When he kissed his co-star and smiled, I was like, ‘Is that in the script?'”

However, Park Ha-sun changed 180 degrees after getting married. She told Ryu Soo-young, “You should have worked harder. What is that?”

random tour

Park Ha-sun said that the kiss scene is directly linked to income, so she has a mindset that “you have to do it well to get more jobs”.

She made everyone laugh by saying that this is the difference between love and marriage.

When Lee Yu-ri asked if Ryu Soo-young had ever been jealous of his wife complimenting other celebrities, Park Ha-sun replied, “I thought ‘it’s okay’ when looking at Hani or Jo Bo-ah.”

random tour

Meanwhile, Park Ha-sun made her debut with SBS’ “Love Needs a Miracle” in 2005.

Currently, she is the host of SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown”.

Park Ha-sun and actor Ryu Soo-young tied the knot in 2017 after 4 years of dating. They have one daughter.

random tour

Park Ha-sun, who is active even after marriage, is scheduled to meet fans in November with the film “First Child”.

“First Child” tells the story of a woman who faces various challenges after returning to work from maternity leave.

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