Current whereabouts of former After School’s UEE, one of the most successful idol-turned actresses 

UEE made a name for herself in the acting industry with various K-drama roles. 

Former After School member UEE is considered a role model for K-pop idols who wish to succeed in acting. She has led several dramas over the years and gained recognition as a real actress. Starting out as one of the members in the iconic 2nd gen girl group After School, UEE soon started an acting career and turned it into her main job. 

UEE in “You’re Beautiful”
After School UEE

Leaving a strong impression with an antagonistic role 

The first drama that made UEE shoot to fame as an actress was “You’re Beautiful”, where she took on a supporting role. She played the mean and two-faced character He Yi. Showing off her acting potential, UEE stood out and landed more prominent roles later on, such as in “High Society”, “Marriage Contract”, “Hogu’s Love”, “Golden Rainbow”, “My Only One”,… Thanks to her role in “Ojakgyo Family”, UEE even took home the Best New Actress award at Baeksang, proving that she has both visuals and skills. 

UEE in “You’re Beautiful”
After School UEE Park Hye Shin you're beautiful
UEE in “You’re Beautiful” 
After School UEE baeksang
UEE won a Baeksang at the beginning of her acting career

Career is slowing down in her 30s

UEE is without doubt one of the most successful idol-turned actresses among K-drama stars. However, now that she is in her 30s, UEE’s acting career has somewhat slowed down. She still joins new projects frequently but no longer makes headlines like she used to. 

After School UEE ghost doctor
UEE’s recent performance in “Ghost Doctor” was deemed underwhelming

In her recent comeback with “Ghost Doctor” starring Rain and Kim Bum, UEE could not leave a strong impression on viewers with her performance. She also surprised viewers with how skinny she was due to harsh dieting. Although her career is no longer at its peak, UEE still receives love for how hardworking she is. 

After School UEE loss weight
UEE’s recent change in appearance surprised viewers
UEE’s recent change in appearance surprised viewers
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