Song Dan Ah, younger sister of WINNER Song Minho, appears in dating entertainment show 

Viewers discover the appearance of WINNER Song Minho’s younger sister on “Dating Inside the Company.”

Streaming platform Coupang Play recently dropped posters and trailers for its new entertainment show “Dating Inside the Company” (literal translation), raising interest in the cast lineup. 

Dating Inside the Company

However, in recent trailers, many viewers discover the appearance of Song Dan Ah, the younger sister of WINNER member Song Minho

As a result, many left comments like, “Isn’t that Song Minho’s younger sister?” and “Isn’t that the one who appeared in a web drama?”.

Dating Inside the Company

Here, Kim Ah Reum’s song “Sun” (literal translation), which was used as the background music for the trailer, is attracting attention. The song was praised for the city-pop sensibility that makes all scenes in the dating show more romantic.

Dating Inside the Company

In addition, many prospective audiences are showing curiosity to the show, which boasts the concept of a company that actively encourages dating, the funny reaction of office workers, and the formation of a consensus based on their own experiences, raising expectations for future “office romance”.

Dating Inside the Company

“Dating Inside the Company” will be released for the first time on November 4th at 8pm (KST).

Source: nate 

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