HYBE’s New Girl Group I’LL-IT Invited to Paris Fashion Week Before Debut, Netizens React

Even before debuting, I’LL-IT has been invited to Paris Fashion Week, hinting at their remarkable global popularity.

According to I’LL-IT’s agency, BELIFT LAB, on February 28th, I’LL-IT will attend a fashion show held in Paris, France. The brand hosting the show is a global house brand based in Stockholm, known for its creative designs and modern sensibility, which has gained popularity among young people.


I’LL-IT will release their debut album, a mini-album, on March 25th, marking their debut in the music industry. Among K-pop idols, it is the first time that all members have been invited to overseas fashion weeks before debut.

As a group formed through a survival program, I’LL-IT has garnered significant interest from global fans even before their debut. Content featuring I’LL-IT using the ‘illit’ hashtag on TikTok has accumulated over 200 million views, and the bright and cheerful chemistry among the members along with their visual combination has gained popularity.

The global fashion industry has long been aware of I’LL-IT’s influence, which led to their invitation to Paris Fashion Week.

However, alongside the excitement, there has been skepticism. Some netizens have expressed doubts about I’LL-IT’s early debut into the fashion world, questioning their ability to represent brands effectively without a proven track record in the music industry.

Source: naver

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