“The Good Bad Mother” Lee Do Hyun, “Ra Mi Ran has become a precious mother to me”

“Mom and son” Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun presents the stories of their love-hate relationship.

On April 18th, the production team of JTBC’s new Wed-Thu drama “The Good Bad Mother” (directed by Shim Na Yeon/ written by Bae Se Young) released still cuts showing conflicting changes in the relationship of “mom” Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) and “son” Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun). 


“The Good Bad Mother” is a heartwarming healing comedy that follows the story of Young Soon, who had no choice but to become a bad mother for the sake of her child, and her son Kang Ho, who unexpectedly returned to be a child due to an accident, searching for the happiness they lost. The story, which focuses on mother and son finding true happiness only after everything is reset, is expected to bring both laughter and heartwarming emotions to viewers. The drama is highly anticipated as it was directed by Shim Na Yeon, who won the TV Drama Work Award for “Beyond Evil” at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, and written by Bae Se Young, the writer of “Life is Beautiful”, “Extreme Job”, and “Intimate Strangers”.

The collaboration of Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun also attracts keen attention. Ra Mi Ran plays Jin Young Soon, a bad mother who has lived a hardworking life to protect her son. She, who raises her son by running a pig farm all by herself, tries to become a bad mother to avoid passing on the suffering caused by poverty and ignorance to her precious child. Lee Do Hyun appears in this drama as Choi Kang-ho, a prosecutor who unexpectedly returns to be a child due to an accident. Living a life planned by his mother, Kang Ho became a cold-blooded prosecutor while hiding his own secret. He ignored his mother and worked relentlessly for success, but unexpectedly became a child again and began living a new life with his bad mother.


The still cuts released by the production team contrast the past of “bad mother” Young Soon and Kang Ho with the present of “prosecutor” Kang Ho and Young Soon. Young Soon’s stubbornness and determination to make her son an amazing prosecutor put great pressure on Kang Ho’s shoulders throughout his life. The scene where high school student Kang Ho follows his mother Young Soon, who is harsh and cruel, with a resigned face, catches the eyes of viewers. However, in another photo, Kang Ho, who has become a prosecutor according to his mother’s wishes after several years, looks as cold as Young Soon of the old time. On the other hand, it can be easily noticed that Young Soon has changed and become much more gentle. She smiles happily while carrying a bundle of food she prepared for her son. What is the secret that cold-blooded prosecutor Kang Ho has, and can the “bad mother” Young Soon be happy with that?


Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun also share special feelings for each other. Actress Ra Mi Ran said, “Lee Do Hyun was really amazing”, adding “It was great to meet an actor who can give and receive such emotions while acting. Thank you for becoming my son Kang Ho”. Lee Do Hyun also confessed, “It was such an honor just to have a chance to act with senior actress Ra Mi Ran. That’s why I was very excited to go to the filming set. I enjoyed the filming so much. She has become a really precious mother to me.”

14-episode drama “The Good Bad Mother” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on April 26th.

Source: Daum

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