Two days before the last episodes, here are 6 supporting characters of “Our Blues” who are praised for their acting

The end of the hot hit drama tvN’s “Our Blues” is only two days away.

Our Blues” has set its own best record with an average of 12.5% (based on Nielsen Korea) in the latest episode.

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In addition, according to Netflix’s global chart, “Our Blues” is loved so much that it ranks fourth in the global TV show category (non-English content) from May 30th to Jun 5th.

In addition to the main characters, the actors who played the supporting roles play a big role in the success of “Our Blues.”

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Let’s take a look at the supporting roles of “Our Blues” that have received favorable reviews from viewers for their excellent acting.

Jung Eun-hye as Young-hee

Actress Jung Eun-hye appeared as Young-hee, a hidden family member of Haenyeo Young-ok (played by Han Ji-min).

Jung Eun-hye

Young-hee, Young-ok’s twin sister, has Down syndrome and is separated from her younger sister from a young age. Jung Eun-hye is an actual actress with Down syndrome, attracting a lot of attention from the audience.

The story of Young-ok and Young-hee, who were hurt by how the world sees them, realistically captured the pain of people with disabilities and their families, raising alarm in society.

Jung Eun-hye

Above all, Young-hee’s painting exhibition, which wrapped up their episode, was the most impressive. Young-hee’s story of how she drew one painting whenever she missed Yeong-ok made everyone cry.

Ki So-yu – Eun-ki

Little actress Ki So-yu broke down into her character Eun-ki, a cute girl in Pureung Village, and performed enthusiastically.

The granddaughter from the city Eun-ki and her Jeju grandmother Chun-hee impressed the small screen with hopes and miracles, which added to their fairytale-like stories.

Ki So You

Eun-gi begged Chun-hee, who believed she was destined to be unlucky because she might lose her last son after losing her husband and other children, saying, “I will make a wish on 100 moons.”

After that, local people have joined forces to light up fishing boats in the black sea for Chun-hee, and the fishing boat lights have created 100 moons. And eventually, miraculously, Chun-hee’s son responded to her hope by finding consciousness.

Ki So You

Park Ji-hwan as In-kwon

Actor Park Ji-hwan played Jung In-kwon, a man who sells sundae soup at the five-day interval village market on Jeju Island. 

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He made the small screen viewers burst into tears with his deep acting skills. In addition, Park Ji-hwan recently received keen attention as the movie “The Roundup” he starred in is performing well as a huge box office hit.

Choi Young-joon as Ho-sik

Actor Choi Young-joon played the role of Ho-sik, an ice maker who sells ice at the fish market in Jeju, and received favorable reviews from the viewers. 

Many viewers were touched by the episode in which Jung Hyun (played by Bae Hyun-sung) and Young-joo (played by Roh Yoon-seo) helped change the relationship between their fathers In-kwon, the sundae soup food stall owner, and Ho-sik, who are neighbors, from being enemies to become in-laws who care for each other.

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In-kwon, who used to be a gangster, and Ho-sik, who was addicted to gambling, became market merchants and lived hard-working lives for the sake of their children. Their immature son and daughter saw the moment their fathers collapsed and realized the love of their fathers, who are their only family in life.

Roh Yoon-seo as Young-joo

Actress Roh Yoon-seo showed her realistic acting as high school student Young-joo. 

Roh Yeon-seo

In particular, Roh Yoon-seo was highly praised for perfectly portraying the difficult and complicated emotions of a top high school student who accidentally got pregnant in the drama. She also drew sympathy from the viewers by impressively performing the struggling appearance of a woman when giving birth.

Lee So-byul as Byul

Actress Lee So-byul played the role of Byul, a farmer and Pureung villager. She became a hot topic when she was revealed to be a real deaf actress in real life. 

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Lee So-byul appeared with a bright smile and made everyone feel a sense of happiness with her acting. She also showed off her friendly personality by teaching sign language to her fellow actress Lee Jung-eun.

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