Park Hyung Sik X Han So Hee, friends of 20 years…Is this love or friendship? [Soundtrack #1]

They have been by each other side for 20 years. Is it love or friendship? “Soundtrack #1” Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee express their excitement.  

Soundtrack #1

Disney+’s original series “Soundtrack #1” (written by Ahn Sae-bom and directed by Kim Hee-won) is a romance music drama that will be released on Disney+ in March about a man and a woman, who are each other’s 20-year best friend, staying in the same house for two weeks.

In “Soundtrack #1”, Park Hyung-sik plays the role of Han Sun-woo while Han So-hee plays Lee Eun-soo.

Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee play the role of rookie photographer Han Sun-woo and the livelihood lyricist Lee Eun-soo, respectively, portraying the “between love and friendship” relationship between the male and female protagonists. The synergy and dazzling chemistry of both actors, who have both acting skill and star quality, are expected to become a hot topic.

As Park Hyung-sik appears as a photographer in the drama, he stands behind the camera and smiles kindly as if he is trying to take a picture of someone. The line “You are the most comfortable person by my side, that’s all I need” implies his affectionate love for his 20-year-long best friend Han So-hee.

Soundtrack #1

Han So-hee plays the role of a lyricist who only cares about making ends meet. The line “We have to be only friends forever if we don’t want us to part until death,” foretells a subtle feeling between love and friendship that Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee will portray in the series.

Attention is focusing on how the romance between love and friendship, drawn by Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee, will turn out this spring.

Meanwhile, “Soundtrack #1” will be released exclusively on Disney+ in March.

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