From New Jeans to Lee Jun Ho, 2022 AAA’s Daesang winners: SEVENTEEN crowned Artist of the Year, IVE won Song of the Year

From New Jeans to SEVENTEEN, the hottest idol groups and actor Lee Jun Ho are the 2022 Daesang winners.

On December 13th, the 2022 Asian Artist Awards was held in Nagoya, Japan. With Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and IVE’s Jang Wonyoung serving as MCs, numerous stars delivered splendid performances.

Daesangs of the night went to New Jeans, Lim Young Woong, IVE, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, and actor Lee Jun Ho. Lim Young Woong once again proved his popularity by winning 4 awards, including a Daesang.

New Jeans received Daesang Performance of the Year. New Jeans was thrilled to receive the trophy. Minji said, “We are grateful to receive this award following the Rookie Award.” New Jeans then expressed their gratitude to their agency and fans. Minji added, “We will show you a new side of us in the future, so please support us a lot.”

newjeans AAA

This year’s Daesang Stage of the Year belonged to singer Lim Young Woong. Lim Young Woong said, “Today, I received so many awards, including the DCM Popularity Award, the Hot Trend Award, and Daesang. I am grateful to the fans who have given me so much love throughout the year. I love you with all my heart and thank you!”

Lim young woong AAA

IVE won Daesang Song of the Year. IVE, who received a lot of love for the mega-hit “Love Dive”, said, “We are grateful to all of our agency members.” Ahn Yujin said, “Today is a very meaningful day for us. Wonyoung is the MC, and we have come to Rei’s hometown.” Jang Wonyoung then thanked the fans and asked for anticipation for IVE’s future activities.
Stray Kids won Daesang Album of the Year. Stray Kids expressed their gratitude, saying, “Receiving the Album of the Year award is a great gift. We are grateful to many people.”

Daesang “Singer of the Year” was awarded to boy group SEVENTEEN, who congratulated all winners of the night and expressed their gratitude by saying, “The first thing that comes to mind right now is our fans.”

seventeen AAA

Lee Jun Ho, who received the Daesang “Actor of the Year”, said, “I will continue to work hard to repay you with great acting. I am also grateful to the fans who came today. I sincerely thank you for your long and pleasant support.”

Lee Jun Ho AAA

Meanwhile, the 2022 AAA in Japan, which is hosted by Star News and Media Boy and co-hosted by the Asia Artist Awards Organizing Committee, The Star Partner, and Culture Entertainment, held a red carpet event from 2:30 PM (KST) and the main ceremony from 4:00 PM. On December 14th, a gala show called “2022 AAA After Stage” will be held for the first time at the same venue.

Fans can watch the 2022 AAA live not only at the venue but also through domestic and international streaming platforms. Idol Plus, an idol video platform, provides an exclusive broadcast for the award ceremony in Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia through both mobile app and PC.

In Japan, the awards ceremony was broadcast live on online video streaming platform Hulu. In addition, fans enjoyed the 2022 AAA through MNC in Indonesia, Star Live On in North America, and CaveCon in European countries. The gala show “2022 AAA After Stage” will be broadcast on Spooks.

The following is a list of winners of the 2022 AAA:

Daesang Stage of the Year: Lim Young Woong

Daesang Song of the Year: IVE (LOVE DIVE)

Daesang Performance Of The Year: NewJeans (Attention)

Daesang Album of the Year: Stray Kids (Maxident)

Daesang Singer of the Year: SEVENTEEN

Daesang Actor of the Year: Lee Junho

Popularity Award: Lim Young Woong, BLACKPINK, Kim Seon Ho, Kim Se Jeong.

Potential Award: KINGDOM, LIGHTSUM, Billlie, TFN, Kang Daniel

Focus Award: THE BOYZ Ju Haknyeon, Lapillus, TRENDZ, ATBO

New Wave Award: Kep1er, NMIXX, TEMPEST, Hwang Min Hyun, Choi Siwon

Best Achievement: Kwon Yuri

IdolPlus Popular Award: BTS, Kim Seon ho

Best Producer: Seo Hyun Joo

Icon Actor: Lim Jae Hyuk

Hot Trend: Lee Jun Ho, Park Min Young, SEVENTEEN, IVE

Asia Celebrity: ITZY, LYODRA, BE:FIRST, Kim Seon Ho, Kwon Yuri, PP Krit, Billkin Putthipong

Icon Award: VERIVERY, AleXa

Emotive: NMIXX, CRAVITY, Na In Woo

Rookie of the Year: NewJeans, IVE, LE SSERAFIM

Rookie of the Year (Actor): Kang Daniel and Seom Bum June

Best Choice (Singer): WJSN Chocome, KARD, Kep1er, Stray Kids. PENTAGON

Scene Stealer: Ryu Kyung Soo

New Wave: Kep1er


Best Acting: Hwang Min Hyun, Kim Young Dae, Bona, Choi Siwon

Fabulous: SEVENTEEN and Lim Young Woong

Best Actor: Lee Jae Wook, Kim Sejeong, Lee Jun Young, Kwon Yuri

Best Artist (Singer): ITZY, THE BOYZ, The Rampage From Exile Tribe

Source: Daum

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