JYP’s newest rookie gains attention for her dreamy eyes while heading to work

JYP Entertainment is famous for being a master in training girl groups when 4 generations of this company’s girl groups are full of dreamlike beauties. The new girl group NMIXX has also received a lot of attention from netizens with a stunning 7-member lineup.

On February 7th, a series of preview photos of member Sullyoon heading to schedule caused a storm on social media. In these photos, the beauty of JYP‘s rookie is outstanding, extremely lovely and beautiful, despite wearing a mask under dazzling flash. The pictures showing only the eyes have proven the female idol’s undeniable beauty. Sullyoon is said to have a visual similar to her seniors Sana and Tzuyu (TWICE). She has had an outstanding visual from a young age and can now become the newest visual from fourth-generation girl groups.

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