BTS and BlackPink: The Most Searched Music Groups in 25 Years on Google

BTS and BlackPink have just been announced by Google as the most searched male and female music groups in history

On December 11th, Google released the video “25 Years in Search – The Most Searched” to commemorate its 25th anniversary, revealing the most notable trends of all time.

In the video released by Google, BTS and BlackPink have become the most searched male and female music groups in the history of Google.


This is evidence of the immense popularity and success of both BTS and BlackPink.

Especially in the past year, they have achieved remarkable international success and have been surrounded by various behind-the-scenes news.

For BTS, after a decade of activity, they reached the pinnacle of their careers, consistently being mentioned in international award ceremonies.

2023 is a special time for BTS as all members are fulfilling their military service obligations. This means the group will have to halt activities until 2025 to return with all members.

However, this year, members have been actively pursuing individual projects before bidding farewell to fans, specifically Jungkook, V, and Jimin. Their individual albums have all achieved commendable success.

bts rm jimin v jungkook

As for BlackPink, it’s accurate to say that 2023 is a year of intense focus on the female group as they complete the final legs of their Born Pink tour.

In addition, renewing contracts with their management company has been a topic that has generated significant attention.

Apart from their achievements this year, the keyword “BlackPink” has been associated with news surrounding dating rumors, such as Jennie (with BTS’s V), Jisoo (with Ahn Bo Hyun), and controversies surrounding Lisa’s performance at the Crazy Horse strip club.


However, ultimately, both BTS and BlackPink have demonstrated excellence not only in 2023 but throughout their careers. Beyond being idol groups, they have become ‘new icons’ of K-pop and global artists.

Alongside BTS and BlackPink, Google announced Taylor Swift as the most searched songwriter and Beyoncé as the most searched performer.

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