Song Ji-hyo returns to big screen after 4 years with “Meeting House”

Actress Song Ji-hyo has been cast in the movie “Meeting House” (Director Cha Jung-yoon)

The agency Nexus E&M announced this news on November 29th, adding, “Please look forward to the transformation and new charm of Song Ji-hyo in her new work.

“Meeting House” depicts the story that unfolds as Tae-jeo, a female prison guard with 15 years of experience, meets the daughter of an inmate she is in charge of. Song Ji-hyo will play the role of the female prison guard Tae-jeo in the film. This marks her return to the big screen about 4 years after the movie “Intruder” (2020).

Song Ji-hyo

Director Cha Jung-yoon, who is responsible for both the screenplay and direction, won awards and gained recognition at domestic and international film festivals for works such as “Nagayo” and “Finding Little Star”.

Director Cha expressed confidence, “Song Ji-hyo’s unique deep gaze and charming voice will help bring out the delicate texture of the work.”

“Meeting House” is scheduled to begin filming in January 2024.

Source: Daum

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