B.I makes his comeback with the sweet love song titled “COSMOS”

B.I has dropped his new half album “COSMOS” with the title track of the same name

On November 11, former iKON’s leader B.I release his new half album “COSMOS” with the title track of the same name. This album includes 7 songs, all of which B.I participated in writing lyrics and composing with different genres, bringing new emotions of youth.

The title song “COSMOS” tells the story of a man’s eternal, never-fading love for the girl he loves. Sharing about COSMOS’s title’s meanings, B.I said: “COSMOS, the title of this half album, is the name of a flower but it also means “universe.” I have always liked the word “unchanged” more than the word “forever“, because I once believed that things didn’t last forever. Your love, which is impossible to put into words, was what kept me alive even during the hard times. So now I want to love you forever. What is your cosmos? You are my cosmos.”

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