Fans express their stance to EXO Chen and Chanyeol’s presence following their respective controversies 

Fans remained silent as if a means of protest against Chen and Chanyeol’s appearances at EXO’s fan meeting. 

To celebrate EXO’s 11th debut anniversary, the SM boy group held a fan meeting under the name “EXO’s CLOCK” at the KSPO Dome for two days, April 8th and 9th. This is the first time all 8 members gathered after the release of the 5th album repackage “Love Shot” in 2018. It was, partly, due to the members’ military enlistment dates that took EXO so long to regroup. 


To heat up the stage, EXO presented fans with an opening VCR, showcasing each member as pieces of a complete group. However, fans remained quiet at the appearances of Chen and Chanyeol, as if a form of protest. 

Previously, Chen and Chanyeol were caught in their respective scandals. Chanyeol was embroiled in a cheating controversy in 2021. In Chen’s case, he was revealed to be getting married to an industry outsider, and was about to be a father in 2019. While domestic fans were not pleased with the current group formation, international fans were more supportive and suggested SM to open more concerts overseas for EXO to carry out their activities. 

A group of fans remained quiet when the VCR showed Chen and Chanyeol 

It seems the day fans can reunite with EXO is not far away, now that the boy group is gearing for an explosive comeback. It is said that the group plans to release up to 3 music videos at the end of April.  

 Source: Billboard 

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