Ailee, who has not been active recently, complained about damages caused by fake accounts trying to impersonate her

Singer Ailee warned people who faked her account.

Ailee uploaded the screenshot of a conversation on her Instagram Story on March 6th and left the message, “This is NOT me.”


The conversation in the captured photo she released shocked everyone. A person used Ailee’s name and picture to impersonate her and approach her fans.

In the conversation, Ailee’s impersonator told a fan of Ailee, “I personally open this fanpage to have a special conversation with my favorite fans”.


When the fan started to sense something suspicious, the impersonator pretended to be Ailee skillfully by saying, “I don’t have anything to convince you. I just want to know your opinion about me and my songs”.

Ailee once warned people who created fake accounts to impersonate her in 2013.

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