As “Our Blooming Youth” airs, Kris Wu is being mentioned with disdain?

While K-drama “Our Blooming Youth” gains attention, the original Chinese version, “The Golden Hairpin”, may never be released. 

“Our Blooming Youth” is a K-drama based on the Chinese novel “The Golden Hairpin”, which recently aired and has been gaining attention. Featuring Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee, the series revolves around the love story of a crown prince and a young lady accused of murder. 

Our Blooming Youth
Our Blooming Youth

As of its latest episode on February 15th, “Our Blooming Youth” recorded an viewership of 3.6%, a similar rating to previous episodes. It was previously said that “Our Blooming Youth” is completely different from the original novel, with only basic settings and character backgrounds retained. 

On the other hand, “The Golden Hairpin” Chinese adaptation, which shares the same name, faced a much sadder fate. In particular, since Kris Wu assumed the leading role in this drama, his various sex scandals have delayed “The Golden Hairpin” indefinitely. 

Our Blooming Youth

As a result, with “Our Blooming Youth” airing safely without much hitch, fans of the Chinese novel are expressing their frustrations with Kris Wu, complaining that “The Golden Hairpin” may never see the light of day, all because of the singer-actor. 

Meanwhile, others also showed regrets for the production team of “The Golden Hairpin”. Starring top-star actress Yang Zi, the series received a lot of investments, and was highly-anticipated before Kris Wu’s series of scandals. It also shares the same director with various hit dramas such as “Eternal Love”, “Love O2O”, “The Journey of Flower”, and “Scarlet Heart” (the original of “Moon Lovers”). 

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