Han So-hee Removes Chaotic Piercings and Shares Recent Updates

Han So-hee revealed that she has removed all the piercings under her eyes and on her lips

On October 28th, Han So-hee shared an update. She mentioned, “I finally had surgery for my rhinitis. I started breathing through one nostril only for a while, and due to unexpected snoring, I was stressed out and thought, ‘It’s time,’ so I just went for it.” 

She humorously added, “So, if my suddenly royal-looking nose shows up, please think, ‘Well, she’s breathing comfortably.'”

han so hee

Han So-hee also touched on the piercings that had created a buzz. She said, “I had chaotic piercings, but I thought I should try removing them, so now they’re all gone.” 

She added, “I have a personality that feels the need to try everything once to satisfy my curiosity.” She continued, “I can’t sleep well right now because of the upcoming ‘Gyeongseong Creatures.’ I’m too nervous, and even though it’s November, I don’t need my birthday; I just hope time flies by. I’m living with a great sense of excitement and anticipation” as she shared her recent status ahead of the release of ‘Gyeongseong Creatures.’

han so hee

Meanwhile, Han So-hee recently gained attention for the piercings under her eyes and on her lips. She said, “When it comes time to work, you can simply remove piercings. I’ve never tried it before, so I did it.” 

She added, “It’s said that if you keep them for a long time, it can leave scars. If that happens, I’ll have to get rid of them physically. For now, I’m not too worried about scars.”

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